İngilizce - Türkçe - agreement Telaffuz
i. anlaşma, antlaşma, pakt, uyuşma, sözleşme, ittifak, kontrat; uyma; mukavele; aynı fikirde olma, kabul etme, razı olma, uzlaşma
İngilizce - Almanca - agreement Telaffuz
n. Zustimmung, Übereinstimmung, Vereinbarung, Abkommen; Vertrag
İngilizce - İngilizce - agreement Telaffuz
n. pact, accord; consent, concurrence; unanimity
n. agreement, pact, accord; consent, concurrence; unanimity
n. approval, confirmation, agreement, consent
İngilizce - Fransızca - agreement Telaffuz
n. convention, acte; accord, contrat; unanimité
İngilizce - İtalyanca - agreement Telaffuz
s. accordo, intesa; patto, convenzione; (Dir) contratto; (Gramm) concordanza
İngilizce - Portekizce - agreement Telaffuz
s. acordo; entendimento; contrato
İngilizce - Rusça - agreement Telaffuz
с. соглашение, договор, уговор; согласие; согласование
İngilizce - İspanyolca - agreement Telaffuz
s. contrato, acuerdo, arreglo, consenso, contrata, convención, convenio, pacto, concordancia, armonía, concierto, conciliación, concordia, entendimiento, harmonía; consentimiento, accesión, anuencia
İngilizce - Arnavutça - agreement Telaffuz
n. pajtim, harmoni, kontratë, marrëveshje, fjalë
İngilizce - Flemenkçe - agreement Telaffuz
zn. contract; akkoord; overeenkomst
İngilizce - Yunanca - agreement Telaffuz
ουσ. σύμβαση, συμφωνία, συμφωνητικό
İngilizce - Çince - agreement Telaffuz
(名) 协定; 一致; 同意
İngilizce - Çince - agreement Telaffuz
(名) 協定; 一致; 同意
İngilizce - Japonca - agreement Telaffuz
(名) 一致; 合意; 協定
İngilizce - Korece - agreement Telaffuz
명. 일치, 호응; 찬성; 만장일지, 이의 없슴
Almanca - Çince - agreement Telaffuz
İfade biçimleri
noun: compatibility of observations Example:There was no agreement between theory and measurement.
noun: the thing arranged or agreed to
noun: the statement (oral or written) of an exchange of promises Example:They had an agreement that they would not interfere in each other's business.
noun: the verbal act of agreeing
noun: the determination of grammatical inflection on the basis of word relations
noun: harmony of people's opinions or actions or characters Example:The two parties were in agr
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