Endonezce - İngilizce - besar
a. big, large, broad, capital, chuckle, chunking, hearty, high, lumping, sweeping, title, towering, walloping, fat, gross, fabulous, whopping, great, considerable, main, substantial, major, prevailing, profound, wide-spread, adult, grown, full-grown, angry, booming
pref. macro-, maxi-
İspanyolca - İngilizce - besar Telaffuz
v. kiss, touch with the lips; press one's lips to another's in affection or greeting; touch lightly, brush
İspanyolca - Almanca - besar Telaffuz
v. küssen
İspanyolca - Fransızca - besar Telaffuz
(general) embrasser
İspanyolca - Rusça - besar Telaffuz
v. целовать
İspanyolca - Korece - besar Telaffuz
v. 키스하다
Title: besar nedir? besar ne demek?
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