İngilizce - Türkçe - result Telaffuz
f. sonucu olmak
i. sonuç, netice, son, akıbet, semere, ürün
İngilizce - Almanca - result Telaffuz
n. Ergebnis; Resultat
v. folgen; resultieren
İngilizce - İngilizce - result Telaffuz
n. effect, outcome, consequence
v. arise from, originate in, be derived from; end in, finish in, culminate in
İngilizce - Fransızca - result Telaffuz
n. résultat
v. résulter, aboutir, se terminer par; donner droit (mécanique)
İngilizce - İtalyanca - result Telaffuz
s. risultato, esito
v. avere come risultato, risultare; terminare (un ciclo)
İngilizce - Portekizce - result Telaffuz
s. resultado
v. resultar, terminar em
İngilizce - Rusça - result Telaffuz
с. результат, итог, исход, эффект, следствие, результат вычисления
г. следовать, происходить в результате, проистекать, кончаться, иметь результатом
İngilizce - İspanyolca - result Telaffuz
s. resultado, consecuencia, desenlace, efecto; excrecencia, producto; repercusiones, respuesta, resultados, resultante, secuela; lectura
v. resultar, redundar en
İngilizce - Arnavutça - result Telaffuz
n. rezultat, përfundim, pasojë
v. rrjedh, përfundoj
İngilizce - Flemenkçe - result Telaffuz
zn. resultaat
ww. resulteren in; eindigen met
İngilizce - Yunanca - result Telaffuz
ουσ. αποτέλεσμα, εξαγόμενο
ρήμ. επακολουθώ, προκύπτω, καταλήγω
İngilizce - Çince - result Telaffuz
(名) 结果, 计算结果, 成效
(动) 发生, 产生; 导致; 结果
İngilizce - Çince - result Telaffuz
(名) 結果, 計算結果, 成效
(動) 發生, 產生; 導致; 結果
İngilizce - Japonca - result Telaffuz
(動) 起こる; 生じる; 結果になる; 終わる; 結果が出る
(名) 結果; 成果; 答え
İngilizce - Korece - result Telaffuz
명. 결과, 답, 성과
동. ...에서 유래하다, 기인하다; ...로 끝나다, 결과가 나다
İfade biçimleri
noun: something that results Example:He listened for the results on the radio.
noun: the semantic role of the noun phrase whose referent exists only by virtue of the activity denoted by the verb in the clause
noun: a statement that solves a problem or explains how to solve the problem Example:He computed the result to four decimal places.
noun: a phenomenon that follows and is caused by some previous phenomenon
verb: issue or terminate (in a specified way, state, etc.); end Example:Result in t
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Fiil çekimleri
Present participle: resulting
Present: result (3.person: results)
Past: resulted
Future: will result
Present conditional: would result
Present Perfect: have resulted (3.person: has resulted)
Past Perfect: had resulted
Future Perfect: will have resulted
Past conditional: would have resulted