Felemenkçe'de indication

1. (signe) aanwijzing (f)
2. (information) tip (m); hint (m); aanwijzing (f); wenk (m); vingerwijzing (f); melding (f); vermelding (f); vermelden (n)
3. (avenir) teken (n); indicatie (f); aanwijzing (f)

Örnek cümleler

Young Sarrasine, entrusted to the care of the Jesuits at an early age, gave indications of an unusually unruly disposition.
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The number of pieces into which the glass shatters is an indication of the number of years the newlyweds will live together happily.
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"There has been no indication from our risk management team that anything like this was about to happen!"
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We are already seeing indications that our updated approach gives us a greater ability to engage other nations in the hemisphere and around the world in promoting respect for fundamental freedoms in Cuba.
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I had hired a good local firm to implement strategies and if last year's financial report was any indication the move had been a success.
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Functional magnetic resonance imaging, or fMRI, measures levels of blood oxygen in the brain as an indication of activation in different regions.
(Voice of America)
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"And regenerating them, if the gargoyles are any indication," said Mariabronne.
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"The Indians gave close attention," Crook said, "but gave no indication of favor.
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After that there were no indications for further action and the needles were removed from the auricle of the patient.
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And Pyotr Petrovitch, judging by many indications, is a thoroughly estimable man.
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Eş anlamlılar

1. indice: annonce, signe, marque
2. avis: avertissement
3. renseignement: direction, tuyau
4. directive: conseil, prescription

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