Arapça'da engagement

‏خطوبة، تعهد، إشتباك، معركة، خطبة خطوبة، إرتباط، وعد، موعد، عقد، عمل‏

Örnek cümleler

An engagement ring is essential to win your girl over; there are even standards on how much it should cost, based on your salary!
Telaffuz Telaffuz
After two years of engagement, when we were even talking of getting married, our love went to the dogs.
Telaffuz Telaffuz
"I hope you will always be very happy, Dorian," said Hallward, "but I don't quite forgive you for not having let me know of your engagement.
Telaffuz Telaffuz
Everything starts with the engagement, a matter of duty you have to comply with.
Telaffuz Telaffuz
I am sorry, I cannot come. You see, I have an engagement in an hour.
Telaffuz Telaffuz
Mr Köhler: Sunday is not such a good day for me. I already have an engagement.
Telaffuz Telaffuz
Of course, our engagement is a dead secret.
Telaffuz Telaffuz
The couple is celebrating their engagement today.
Telaffuz Telaffuz
You should also get an engagement ring to declare your love to the bride.
Telaffuz Telaffuz
A long engagement exhausts them, but they are capital at a steeplechase.
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Eş anlamlılar

a hostile meeting of opposing military forces in the course of a war: dogfight, warfare, combat, military action, fight, armed combat, action, assault, pitched battle, battle, naval battle, Armageddon, war, conflict
withdrawing from the activities of a group: neutrality, isolation, non-involvement, nonparticipation, group action
a meeting arranged in advance: appointment, blind date, get together, tryst, escort, rendezvous, date, meeting, double date
a mutual promise to marry: promise, betrothal, troth, ringing
employment for performers or performing groups that lasts for a limited period of time: work, gig, employment, booking
the act of giving someone a job: call-back, action, reservation, employment, booking, shape-up
the act of sharing in the activities of a group: intercession, commitment, involution, involvement, participation, group participation, group action, intervention
contact by fitting together: interlocking, striking, impinging, mesh, contact, meshing