Endonezce'da prolixity

n. bertele-tele: hal bertele-tele

Örnek cümleler

Because of your wise injunction against prolixity, I shall address only the recommendations in the Secretary-General's report.
Telaffuz Telaffuz
Tribute was due to the Special Rapporteur, who had struck a happy balance between the brevity of other commentaries and the prolixity of the Ago commentaries on the articles adopted on first reading.
Telaffuz Telaffuz
The date is out of such prolixity.
Telaffuz Telaffuz
Bartok answers it with clearness peculiar to it: "- to music of this sort we subconsciously aspired, tired with love to prolixity and garrulity PЃCЋCЊCЂCЌ=C€CCЊCЂ".
Telaffuz Telaffuz
Such excessive "CЋCЏC... CЉCЂ" the hero is blocked up with product by the excessive details, very conditionally translated into musical language and leads to prolixity of a musical design.
Telaffuz Telaffuz

Eş anlamlılar

boring verbosity: turgidness, concise, turgidity, verbosity, wordiness, prolixness, verboseness, windiness, prolix, long-windedness, flatulence

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