İngilizce'de consigner

n. person who delivers over or consigns merchandise
v. record, inscribe, write down; deposit; punish

Örnek cümleler

Consigner has to give you detailed contact information, right?
Telaffuz Telaffuz
I even gave the consigner an option to store it in our secure room.
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All expenditure incurred by the application of this Decision shall be chargeable to the consigner, the consignee or their agent.
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He send a message for me by a consigner.
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In that connection it is also advisable for the Commission to use terms such as 'Authorised Economic Operator' and 'Authorised Consigner' in transport legislation as elsewhere.
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To that end, the terms 'authorised economic operator' and 'authorised consigner' should also be used.
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Eş anlamlılar

the person who delivers over or commits merchandise: shipper, consignor

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