İspanyolca'da operable

adj. operable, que se lo puede operar

İngilizce'de operable

adj. operable, can be operated on; doable

Örnek cümleler

I hope it's just indigestion... or... ...something operable.
Espero que sólo sea indigestión... o... algo operable.
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The Coolpix P1 is therefore not completely operable without a cable.
La Coolpix P1, por tanto, no es totalmente operable sin cable.
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Pressure alarms for cargo tanks not operable.
Alarmas de presión para los tanques de carga no operativas.
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In operable condition for the kind of operation being conducted except as provided in the MEL (OPS 1.030 refers).
En condiciones operativas para el tipo de operación que se está llevando a cabo excepto lo establecido en la MEL (Véase OPS 1.030).
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The brain tumor, it is operable, and the kids abandon their father on a rat-infested island.
El tumor cerebral, es operable, y los chicos abandonan a su padre en una isla infestada de ratas.
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The key switch shall not be operable by a key which differs by only one permutation from the key matching the key switch.
El interruptor de llave no podrá accionarse con una llave que solo se diferencie en una permutación de la llave que le corresponda.
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Everything is still operable, the system of emergency it is already generating energy.
Todo todavía está operable, el sistema de emergencia ya está generando energía.
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This medicine is used for the treatment of symptoms of advanced non operable, metastatic or recurrent malignant tumours of the adrenal glands.
Este medicamento se utiliza para el tratamiento sintomático de tumores malignos avanzados, no operables recidivantes o metastáticos de las glándulas suprarrenales.
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Having technically compatible and operable systems, congruent policies and the same legal structures would greatly facilitate cross certification.
La existencia de sistemas técnicamente compatibles y operables, políticas congruentes y las mismas estructuras jurídicas facilitaría enormemente la certificación recíproca.
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On 13 July 2007, Ark Therapeutics officially notified the Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) that it wishes to withdraw its application for a marketing authorisation for Cerepro, for the treatment of patients with operable high-grade glioma.
El 13 de julio de 2007, Ark Therapeutics notificó oficialmente al Comité de Medicamentos de Uso Humano (CHMP) su decisión de retirar la solicitud de autorización de comercialización para el medicamento Cerepro, para el tratamiento de pacientes con glioma de alto grado operable.
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Eş anlamlılar

capable of being treated by surgical operation
usable for a specific purpose: practical, practicable
fit or ready for use or service: useable, usable, serviceable, functional, operational