Korece'de honourable

[honourable (Brit.) ] 형. 존경할 만한; 믿을 만한, 옳은

Örnek cümleler

He is the honorable and gallant member.
그는 군 출신 의원이다.
Telaffuz Telaffuz Telaffuz Hata bildir!
Narrated, written, and directed by Zacchary, this documentary received several honorable mentions and won many film festival awards.
Zachary가 나레이션하고, 작성하고, 감독한 이 다큐멘터리는 찬사와 영화제에서 많은 상을 수상했다.
Telaffuz Telaffuz Telaffuz Hata bildir!

Eş anlamlılar

1. distinguished: dignified, important, illustrious, noble, great, famous
2. honest: just, upright, virtuous, true, ethical, fair, noble
3. reputable: creditable, equitable, estimable, proper, right

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